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  • The Newest News in Bug Repellent Research

    When you hear that egg whites add a healthy shine to your hair or an avocado face mask can make your skin glow, it’s always a letdown when these cute folk remedies fail to offer the touted benefits. But sometimes, there is real truth behind the old wives tales. After studying common insect repelling practices […]

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  • Protect Yourself from the Zika Virus

    If you’ve watched the news recently, you’ve probably heard something about the mosquito-borne Zika virus. Zika is relatively harmless for most of us, but it may be linked to serious birth defects in babies of mothers who were infected with the virus while pregnant. Though there have been few reported cases of Zika in the […]

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  • Looking for a pest exterminator in Charlotte NC? Get the peace of mind you deserve today!

    Coupons Guaranteed to Work Same Day Service Tired of dealing with pests? We have you covered! There is no need to spend your valuable time dealing with pest control problems when you could be enjoying time with friends and family. Let us take care of it! Whether it’s ants, spiders, roaches, termites, or even bed […]

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  • Keep Your Home Pest Free This Winter

    It’s time to face the cold, hard facts. Winter is here. That means seasonal pests like rodents will do their very best to find warm places to nest by infiltrating homes. Studies show that 25% of pest control complaints in the winter months come from homeowners complaining of vermin in their homes. In some cases, […]

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  • 3 Ways to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

    Of all the creepy crawlies out there, which one is mostly likely to send shivers down your spine? Ants? Roaches? Maybe spiders? In the beloved children’s book Charlotte’s Web, Wilber’s eight-legged friend humanizes spiders by making them seem creative, kind, and selfless, like herself. Though spiders do have a number of positive attributes, they are […]

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  • A Cold Winter Does Not Minimize Spring Pest Problems

    The weather this year has been particularly strange. 70-degree days were flanked by 40-degree days and areas that normally never dip below freezing reported snow and sleet. Can Frigid Temps Kill The Bugs? Regardless of the cause behind the wacky weather, many homeowners wonder whether uncharacteristic deep freezes can kill off insect populations and make […]

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