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Mosquito Control

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Has mosquitos taken over your yard?

Summer time is supposed to be about outdoor fun & BBQs, not worrying about mosquitos. Mosquitos can carry life threatening diseases such as the West Nile Virus. Treating mosquitos at the beginning of warm weather can ensure you a pest free yard to enjoy. There are many types of mosquito control options for you.

Mosquito Treatments

Our Mosquito Control Plan treats your garden, shrubs, trees and your entire lawn with an organic, pet safe, eco-friendly product. This treatment not only kills the mosquitos but it also eliminates ticks and other yard pests. It also prevents their reappearance by putting their breeding cycle to an end as well as providing a protective barrier. This barrier will last for 21 days before another application needs to be applied.

Our services are usually performed on a monthly basis, preferably during the warm weather months (April through October). Regular monthly treatments are recommended to constantly keep the number of mosquitos at a tolerable level.

Green Pest Control’s mosquito control services includes a thorough inspection of the area, isolating the pest problem, creating a customized control plan, applying pesticides carefully, and then assessing the effectiveness. Our technicians will make suggestions on what you can do to prevent mosquito problems. One helpful tip is to not allow water to accumulate in containers outside. This is the perfect breeding place for mosquitos.

Our treatments consist of treating both the adult mosquitoes on plants, shrubs, and other vegetation as well as treating their larvae in standing water areas. Each treatment is projected to keep mosquito inhabitants down for approximately 28 days.

Would you like a free mosquito evaluation? Call us at 704-490-6170 for your free estimate.